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  1. Hi I just found this site and am soooo happy I did! I have been going crazy trying to decide which Louis Vuitton bag to purchase and this has helped so much. I fell in love with the white theda gm, but the price range was too high. I finally decided on the Batignolles Vertical and I love it. Anyone have any opinions on this bag? I'd love to hear them! :biggrin:
  2. I like the Batignolles vertical, but I love the batignolles horizontal.

    For me, it is so much easier to find things in a bag that is wider and shorter, rather than narrower and deeper.

    You could try both on before making a decision....
  3. Hi and welcome :biggrin:

    The Batinolles is really popular, and I think you'd like it! Try both the Vert and Hori on and see which is best for you!

  4. I love the shape of the batignolles vertical, but I think it might be easier to arrange and reach things in the horizontal. But like Khoipond suggested, you should try both on before deciding.
  5. Welcome... this site is addictive and you'll love it here! Scroll thru some of the old posts.. there's been alot posted lately abt the BH with pics and all..
  6. Welcome Tara!! Make sure to check out the what some of the members are selling! :smile: You can get a great deal!! Have fun here!
  7. Welcome to the forum! You'll love it here if you love bags!

    .........LV is addictive you know. Just fair warning :P
  8. Thank you guys so much! I actually went to Pittsburgh yesterday and decided on the vertical. I wasn't that excited about the horizontal...I think I'm too tall for it...the vertical just looked better.
  9. Welcome! This Is The Best Site ~ You Are Going To LOVE It!

    Congratulations On Your Batignolles Vertical....It's A Fabulous Bag!
  10. Welcome! Congrats on your new BV!
  11. Welcome! Best bet is to go to the store and see them for yourself. I know some people have changed their minds after going to the store. Different bags fit people differently.
  12. I have the batignolles vertical and it is one of my favorite bags. Very easy to reach in and out of, and love that it has one deep pocket and a narrow pocket for a cell phone or keys. One of these days I will take pics of myself wearing it. I highly recommend it!!