new to hermes... can i get filled in ?


May 25, 2007
kinda lost about hermes waiting lists or presale ? how long do you have to wait? i personally would like a 50 HAC in like a carmelish color or a blue jean or even black. does the color change the price? i would have to save up for one any way so there no hurry but how long would one have to wait for a travel HAC ? another question i have is, whats the best leather for a bag so big ? please give me all the information you GOT ! lol
o00o and please show pics. if anyone has them
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Apr 28, 2007
OK, i'm going to bump this up, because despite the wealth of information here in this subforum, i'm STILL confused about how the ordering process works.

First, before I begin hijacking manbag's thread, I *don't* think color of the bag changes the price, but I do think the *leather* you choose will affect the price. You can go into the Hermes shopping subforum and ask about particular pricing in the Current Prices thread. Also you can look at the reference library and look at the bag you're interested in, or use google to search for your particular question (for example, type in 50 cm HAC leather)

OK, on to my question, which is also one of manbag's questions: I'm still kinda lost about the ordering process. I've heard that people still go on "waitlists" for a year or longer before getting their bag - yes, even though I've also heard that the official Hermes stance is not to have any more waitlists. I've also heard that there are "presale" days - or hours - and that the existence of those depend on the boutique and can open for 4 hours and then close. I don't know if presale=podium order or what, but the discussion of the presale days seems to suggest they coincide with the twice-yearly podiums (podia?!). But elsewhere I've read that if you're interested in a bag, the SA will fill out a form for you, regardless of the time of year, and place your order with the store manager. And finally I've even read somewhere that occasionally, after placing an order on presale and waiting several months, you could get notified that your order was just plain canceled. :shrugs: Is the ordering process just all particular to your country/particular boutique?


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Oct 2, 2007
I think that you should be able to find a 50cm travel HAC without waiting. I saw a few only a month back in Hamburg for example. You can see them quite often in dark brown (ebene) or black. Fjord is a good choice of leather- durable and has a beautiful matte finish. Maybe you should look at Hermesgroupies Leather Book in the reference section to make up your mind about the leather. :yes:

If you want a very special color / leather combination, you might need to order it. Best would be that you contact your nearest Hermes store and talk to them. Find a nice SA whom is happy to answer all your questions. Don't mind if you get a rude SA- just talk to another one... ;) Most of the Hermes boutiques take new orders only a few times per year, so you should ask when you can come and make one.


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Jan 3, 2008
I think it is best to call around to stores regarding a 50cm HAC. If a store does not usually carry them and you do not have an excellent relationship with a store, I doubt they would order it for you, because if you do not like it when it comes in, they are stuck with a bag that they don't normally carry.

Madison Avenue and Wall Street usually order a few every year. They are only done in a few leathers. Lately, Fjord and Epsom, but in the recent past I have seen Clemence.