New to Gucci and getting hooked!

  1. Hey Ya'll!:heart:

    I'm new here, and just bought my first gucci pieces this summer, flower hobo and matching ankle strap open toed platforms... TDF!!!!

    Now, I'm dying to continue the gucci craze, do you all love the gucci wallets? Do they hold up well compared to LV? I wish I would have caved on the flower one when they had it to match everything, but couldn't go the whole way...

    now, I'm really wanting a gucci wallet, love the rosewood and beige...

    Do your gucci wallets last a long time? I just need more wallets so I don't ruin the ones I've already invested in...:yes:

    Thank you for any help!:heart:

  2. I have Gucci bags that are over 25 years old, so I'm sure the wallets will last just as long and be just a nice. I'd love to get one to match my bags, though.

  3. SWEET! Thanks Bagged. When I bought the flower hobo, an SA at the Gucci boutique told me that she had bought the original one put out 20 years ago and still has it. That totally sold me.

    Gucci is so nice! I can't wait to get my wallet!:yahoo:

    Thanks for your response and have a great day!
  4. I have a wallet that i absolutly such a product abuser but i have to say my wallet still looks BRAND NEW and its been through hell in a year (i mean soaking wet from rain, spills in my bag etc etc hehe)

    nothing a little baby wipe cant cure ;) and the sizes of the wallets are PERFECT!! i found LV's wallets a little to bulky or to blah...i LOVE gucci wallets :smile:
  5. Congrats!!! Would love to see photos.
  6. Oh wow! Thanks luvnotspoiled... you completely sold me, that's it! LV's are bulky... but, still lovely, will definately branch out to the Gucci beige and Rosewood next! Hooray! I found the SA's to be soooo nice at the Gucci boutique in Ala Moana. I really wanna order from him again.... and, even the ones who weren't helping me were very approachable and sweet! So glad to hear about your wallet!
  7. Gucci wallets are great, My mom has one and it looks brand new.
  8. ^^^ sweet, thanks glamorous, that was a mouthful for you! lol....
  9. Gucci wallets are good!
    and great to have!!
  10. As for all the bags/accessories I have they are all well made and I see nothing wrong with them, they look like they'll last forever! I like wallets with a lot of space, the more credit card slots the better, but they don't have a lot of ones like mine. Still enough for most people! The flower ones were really cute, but I understand about not wanting to go the whole way on your first purchases!

    Here's a couple of pics of my first gucci wallet, not only was it perfect for my credit card slot needs but I also got something that matched quite a few bags. Even has coin space at the back; very functional. Now that I'm well into it I feel like buying matching wallets for each bag but I'm so in love with this one I haven't gotten around to it. I guess you can call me faithful to wallets..just not bags:p

    I should be taking better care of think baby wipes would work on this baby?
    Picture 205 (Large).jpg Picture 207 (Large).jpg
  11. My Gucci wallet has been amazing! I stuff it & it still looks brand new!
  12. i really think gucci wallets can hold up against the abuse women subject them to. hehe :p
  13. if you like thin wallets check this one out!! it is SO awesome, it has 6 cc slots, two bill slots divided by the change compartment!

    IT IS AWESOME! i love the fact that the change compartment is INSIDE not outside making it bulky!!

    and urwelcome, i love enabling people heh!