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  1. Hi! I am usually on the LV forum because at first those were my only fav bags but I have fallen in love with Coach and I need your help! I am looking for a good size tote that I can carry all of my items in plus some things for my babies. I am posting up a list of things I carry so you can have an idea for what I need to carry. I would appreciate any ideas on which bag I should look into. Also, I really like the colors brown,white and gold so anything around those colors would be cool! :smile:

    Things I carry:
    Moto Razr
    Make up bag
    glasses and case
    small bag of wipes
    small toys
    little snacks
  2. You should check out! Personally, I looove the Hamptons leather totes and duffles, and also the Chelsea leather satchel. Many gorgeous bags to choose from! Why don't you pick a few that you like, post 'em here, and get some opinions?
  3. I like the new large signature totes that have space for a monogram. There's one in khaki and gold that's particularly nice. I haven't preferred Coach monogram in four or five years, and this one actually turned my head.
  4. any of the new totes would work well, i'm sure.
    or even a carryall.
  5. I agree. A tote or carryall would be nice! Go browse the website and you can pick what style you might like and the sizing is stated there too.
  6. Here are some totes
    [​IMG]Soho Signature Tote $398

    [​IMG] Signature Stripe it has gold $298 the travel size is $398

    My favorite. Can't wait to have kids LOL.
    [​IMG]Optic sig baby bag$398, even comes with a changing diaper pad. Also comes in black or blue or pink. So cute.
  7. Personally, I really like the gallery totes, but it may be a tad small for all the essentials you have on the list. Then again, you never may be just perfect. You'll never know until you try it though.
  8. I am a big fan of the gallery totes, too. I think they look a little sharper than the others, but that may be because they are slightly smaller, like harm0ni said. Try it, though!