New to Coach..Need your opinions please!!

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  1. Hello ladies!!!!!

    I recently took a trip to Coach and really liked a couple of pieces....the price points were really nice and the leather really Im thinking of getting some....but...

    I am really into quality...Does the leather pieces last? Any issues? Any infos that you can pass on ??

    Thank you!!!!!:smile:
  2. The only leather peice I have (right now) is a black wristlet. It's survived some cold and rain and is still very very soft. What bag(s) are you thinking of getting?
  3. I have a small black leather Coach bag that I bought in '98 and carried constantly for at least two years, and it still looks great!1 I don't use it much anymore simply because it doesn't hold much.
  4. My first bag (in the high end range) was a Coach and it was a honey color all leather duffel. Amazing leather quality. It's been with me for 5 years and I still use it. The leather does get marks on it but it still looks good. There's a Coach cleaner and protector that you should get with it though.
  5. Tried to look it up on line but cant find is a brown all leather, large, open top bag that comes in white, blk, seemed pretty new but cant be sure....:shame:
  6. i have a Coach that I got for graduation in '96 (man, I feel old)...i don't use it anymore but it is GREAT condition. with some cleaning/moisturizing it would look like new.

    all my original Legacy bags (Patricia's, Legacy Zips, etc) look brand new. SERIOUSLY. they were regularly cleaned and moisturized, and as long as you take care of it according to the type of bag it is, there is no reason that a Coach leather bag cannot last you YEARS. my oldest bags are 10 and 8 years old.
  7. I bought a stewardess bag off of ebay - dates from the 1970's. It looks like new and is great.
  8. I bought a small black coach bag sometime around 97 or 98. I still carry it pretty regularly and it still looks great.
  9. The only bags I have seen issues with are some of the leather totes & diaper bags that have piping that wears on the sorners. If you by a bag with thick leather, I don't see a problem.
  10. COACH leather is good. My mom has a sachel that she used for atleast 3 years straight,and it looks new (even with out the leather protecter ). I have a black leather demi that I got in 2003,and its in great shape!. If COACH leather bags were cheaper I would invest in them,I rather save the $$ and get LV!.
  11. I have a couple leather pieces. I got them either at the outlets or at TJMaxx. Very nice for the price!
  12. Leather pieces are very sturdy and last a long time.