New to CL, best way to find them on sale

  1. Hello everyone! I know we are in between seasons so perhaps not the best time for sales, but I am fairly new to CL shoes and was wondering if anyone could offer some tips on how to catch them on sale. Does the CL store in NYC have a big sale (like Hollywould shoes in Nolita does for their brand), or do you need to stalk Saks and Neimans? Thanks in advance!
  2. Saks, NM, and Barneys all have their clearance sales with great deals. There is also which sometimes has pretty good deals, although most of their CLs are usually only 10% or 20% off, which when you're talking about something that starts off at about $700, it's not that great of a deal. has some really good deals on sale stuff also.

    I just got a coupon by NM in the mail for $100 off any shoe purchase of $300+ starting on the 27th. I know where I'm heading on Thursday!
  3. Wow, NM mails coupons??? How to get them?
  4. I have an NM card. :smile:
  5. Me too! *checks the mail frantically*
  6. guccidiva, I got it in the mail yesterday good for 27 - 29 November. It's good for in-store only purchases. I finally opened up my NM catalog they sent a week or two ago and it mentions the event in the back of the catalog. Of course I just flipped through the catalog looking at the shoes. ;)
  7. Irish - all the major dept stores and CL boutiques generally have sales twice a year, the fall sales will begin in November usually right around Thanksgiving, and the spring/summer sales will begin in June/July usually right around 4th of July. Some stores start putting the Cruise/Resort merchandise on sale in May/June but generally not very good selections. Definetly check the boutiques and dept stores once the sales start, depending on when you get to the sale you can find discounts on CL shoes anywhere from 30% - 65% off. During the last spring sale, I got a few pairs of CL shoes at 65% off at Barneys and BG.
    You should start developing relationships with SAs at boutiques or dept stores so that once the sale seasons begin, they can put things aside for you on hold and charge you once the sale begins.
  8. Thanks ladies for all of the excellent and informative advice! I really appreciate you all taking the time to answer my question.
  9. I have to check my mail. I got the catalog but didn't read about the event. Sure enough I only looked through it for the shoes.:lol:
  10. I was wondering about all these sale dates. I missed out earlier this year because I was away.
  11. Yep, I got my coupon too and will be heading straight to NM on Friday.
  12. Same here. I do that when reading gossip magazines also when they've got the dress trend thing in the front..I'm not looking at dresses really. I'm like "Is that a sliver of red I see on the heel?"
  13. I am the exact same way! I don't even care about the gossip, I just want to see who is wearing Louboutins.

    I still didn't get my coupon. :crybaby:It's just as well, I shouldn't be buying more shoes.
  14. I just looked over at the Deals & Steals forum and there are a couple of posters who spoke with SAs and you have to spend $300 anywhere in the store in order to receive a $100 gift card to use for shoes.
  15. huh? So you can't just get $100 off a pair of shoes directly?