New to Choo Ruby Reveal!

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  1. What can I say? I fell for a Choo in the sale, got it today and I am psyched!!:yahoo:

    So without further ado, here she is in all her glory - my new Cognac Ruby!

    (PS. Some of the pics aren't the greatest as my back room is like an obstacle course, so negotiating that plus all the excitement means that some of them are a bit blurry!:biggrin:)

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  2. Some more.....

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  3. And even more! LOL! Did I say that I love this bag!:biggrin:

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  4. She is empty in all the modelling pics, but oh my goodness she is as light as a feather and a joy to wear (and drool over)!!:love:
  5. nice bag looks great on you!
  6. Beautiful! And you carry it well!
  7. Thanks you for your kind comments bextasy and purseinsanity.:smile:

    I am smitten!:love: I can't stop looking at it and trying it on - I've already decanted all of my things into it! LOL!:biggrin:
  8. Gorgeous! You will be able to carry this bag year round. Congrats on your new baby:biggrin:
  9. WOW, it got there quick. It looks great on you! So happy you decided to go for it. My Ruby looks much bigger than yours, but who knows what the factory did.
  10. Thank you jmcadon and lionlaw!

    I feel totally at one with her, she is just perfect for me!:tender:

    Have measured her, albeit lazing, and she seems to be approx (and I do mean approx!) 38" across, 29" high not including the handle, with a 5" handle drop. The handle drop is very accomodating though due to the bags hoboesque nature.

    I am over the moon!!:yahoo:
  11. must admit that she is a good looker! Congratulations, it is always so lovely when someone is so happy!!! :yahoo:
  12. Super gorgeous bag! I love the hardware. Great color too!
    You wear it well!!:tup:
  13. That is one gorgeous bag. Enjoy!!!!
  14. Thank you so much parson russell, dreambag7767 and krock!!

    I am so pleased and happy about it!:yahoo:
  15. Very nice! Enjoy :tup: