New to Bal Forum (enabling strongly encouraged!)

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  1. Hi Bal ladies and gents!
    I recently came lurking to the Bal side from CHANEL a few days ago and have enjoyed looking at all your lovely pictures and considering becoming a B girl myself. What I love is all the great colors Balenciaga offers and also how stylish everyone is on this forum!

    After my days of lurking here I think I want either a sky blue or turquoise First with RH. Oh! and the coin purses look so cute and practical - are they usually in stock? I'm hoping to visit the Bal boutique in LA some time soon.

    I think I'm going to need some enabling though as I've been loyal to Chanel for quite a while. So please share with me what you love most about your B bags! Thank you!
  2. Hi Miffy! I'm a recent convert myself but can tell you I love the colors of Bal and the leather. The styles all stay fresh with different leather colors and hardware options. Each bag is different! I hope you find something you like!
  3. the one thing I love about balenciaga would have to be the variety in colors! And oh boy...the leather is fantastic. Before I was introduced to balenciaga I was a louis vuitton girl and quite honestly I felt horrible wasting my money on canvas coated just didn't make sense to me what i was paying so much for. So, after I saw MK&A with bbags back in 2004 I researched and eventually saved up for a bbag and surely enough in 2006 I bought my first and I've never turned back. I love the functuality of the bags because you can use it hand-held or carry it with a strap, love the variety of colors, and most importantly how wonderfully balenciaga bags age with time and use.. you can carry a bbag for many years and it'll just get better and better...they hold up very well...actually extremely well!

    I mean there are girls on here who own and use bags from 2002 ( the first edition ) and the bags looks as awesome as the first day they were used.
  4. I am a Chanel lover too. I have probably 10-15 pairs of Chanel sunglasses (2 new this month). And 3 or 4 bags, but I just sold my Modern Chain tote and bought a couple of bbags - Works, and I'm adding a Day tomorrow. I decided the Chanel tote was too heavy (that chain is heavy) and I REALLY like having an outside pocket for my keys and cell phone.
    I am new to Bal bags, but am COMPLETELY addicted. The leather is amazing!! And the colors are too! I think that is what is so fun. There is always a new color that you find you HAVE to have, and then the leather makes you crazy, it is so luscious. I also love that they are lightweight and functional and more affordable than Chanel too. That all being said, I'm still eyeing a white Chanel classic flap.
  5. I love the leather, the colors and all the various sizes!!! No other bags are as unique and individual as Bal bags! That is why they are both so interesting and addictive!!
  6. :welcome:Once you start betcha can't stop at just one:nuts:
  7. ^^ Is that you on your avatar? Smokin'!!!:woohoo:

    What I love most about Bbags is their variety in colors, laid back style and most importantly, the fact that they are lightweight!:tup:
  8. Don't encourage them, LOL

    I'm new to Bal as well and only have one lonely bag at the moment (with a wallet on the way)

    I think you have to hold, feel and wear bbags to really appreciate them, the pictures don't to them enough justice..:heart:
  9. welcome to the dark side! i am also a chanel lover but i looooooove bals!
  10. Welcome! I love the cool/stylish/slouchy style on all my bbags.....and of course the gorgy leather on the -05 and earlier years! The balenciaga just seems to fit in every where, and it never looks out of place no matter what outfit you pick IMO! Super cool and stylish/classic at the same time. Hard to beat!

  11. Oh honey, welcome to the evil world of Balenciaga, where you will become far more addicted then you ever thought possible :Push:

    I've seen Turq & Sky Blue both IRL and they're both beautiful. My only problem with Sky Blue is all the bags I've seen of it have had pretty stiff/dry leather - whereas Turq had softer leather with nice distressing. The bags vary though, so it's possible the NM I was at just got a bad batch :yes:

    I love bbags b/c they're perday, but also b/c they're discreet. They don't have in-your-face logo's all over them, so unless someone is really knowledgable they won't know how much the bag cost. It's a pretty bag, but also not too "prissy", and depending on the person wearing them the whole "attitude" of the bag changes :P

    Please post pics when you get your bags!
  12. Thanks so much for your welcomes and your inputs. I can't wait for my first - hopefully by next month!
  13. I love the practicality, the style, the leather, the colours, they are light weight and easy to get your things in and out. They are easy to carry.... i could keep going! Trust me, once you buy one you WILL NOT look back.. been there done that and i am oficially a bbag addict.
  14. Like many others who've posted here, I think the variety of Bal colors is incomparable. I also like that they're really light.
  15. Hi Miffy! Nice to see you here. I bought my two Bbags before I started on Chanel.
    The colours are amazing with the Bbags. And if you choose carefully, the leather on the bags are amazing!!!
    Do post when you get your 1st!!!