NEW TMA in Wine!!! Pic

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  1. I got this pic from Jackie and wanted to share it with you. It's the NEW TMA in Wine!!!

    Hope it gives you some sense of the color and how amazing it looks like in this style!!! It might make your decisions easier!- or more of a dilemma!!!

  2. That is a beautiful bag! Thanks for posting this Conessa!!
  3. Thanks for posting this photo ~ the Wine is so so gorgeous!!! :girlsigh:

    Between this and the LM in Wine, I think I prefer the latter as it has that wicked cool detailing on its handles and the two front zips. I believe these are also fairly close in size?
  4. Funny you should mention this......I was looking at my Black Crash LM today and I love the look of the handle details.....more so now than ever!!! No one else has handles like these...and I love the ribbon detail.

    And I was the one constantly bugging Jackie for rolled handles!!!! Now I'm not so sure!!!
  5. Hey Contessa, variety is the spice, ya know? I really love the leather loops for the strap closure on top ~ I think I prefer this over the metal grommets. I'm thinking this new design element will also help keep the bag closed without a need for a magnet.

    I haven't decided between the tassel design on the current models or this new two-strand with square metal bottoms. I do hope these metal ornaments stay put and aren't prone to falling off.
  6. It looks like the drawstring closure is only on one side on the new TMA. I think that will help secure the bag better as well. I do prefer the look of the LM as the handles are beautiful and I love the look of the 2 zips.
  7. Thanks kings_20 ~ it never occurred to me that this drawstring closure is one-sided, as I can't tell from the photos in the line sheets. Does anyone have a photo of the back-side so we can get a better look at its closure all around?
  8. Please note that the bag has a drawstring closure and closes from BOTH sides...not one. It closes exactly like the LM only no grommets.

    And the back is plain doo-dads or designs.

    Hope that helps!!
  9. Ladies, I can't say enough how much I adore my LM and LMM handbags. (and smm/sm)

    I would advise everyone to grab the remaining ones now, before they are all gone!

    My choc LM is one of the prettiest handbags I've ever seen.;)

    I"m very excited for the dark grey Midi!
  10. Thanks for the clarification Contessa! I took another look at the photos and noted subtle cinching at the top in the rear, so I wasn't sure what to think. I'm very pleased to learn it gathers all around ~ more balanced structure, wear, and aesthetics in my book!
  11. I'm with you, Contessa, I also love the braided handles! In fact, I'm deeply in love with my current LM. This bag is GORGEOUS, though. Thanks so much for posting it!
  12. ^ no problem!! :flowers:
  13. I agree that I love the braided handles too, but this bag might be more comfy to hold when it's not on the shoulders. I love the color too. That is gorgeous. Thanks for the pic Contessa.
  14. What a beauty! I like that it doesn't have those 2 flappy pockets in the front. It looks cleaner with the new version.
  15. Pretty! I love the simple, rolled handles on this bag. Though, I wonder why the bag in this pic has gold hardware...