New Sunglasses for Spring?

  1. [​IMG]

    I really love the side..I wonder it will come in black lenses..
  2. yeah the sides are cute, but they look like big circle lens?
  3. I wish I could wear cool sunglasses....darn prescription eyeglasses (and contacts bug me!) grrrr
  4. :hysteric: Me too! I always wonder if someone has bought the LV sunglasses and gotten them replaced with perscription sunglass lens. How I would love this :love:
  5. Lovely.

  6. im myopic as well but i just have to get used to bumping into things - a lot :p i simply couldn't risk letting somebody else fiddle with my LV sunnies.
  7. Most all of their sunglasses look too big for this, rx lenses can only be made so big.
  8. why not wear contacts and sunnies? that's what I do
  9. i just like the sides
  10. Lol..well..I guess my mom will be wanting these now. Haha.
  11. I imagine (esp here as the sun is sooo strong and we ALWAYS have high UV levels) that over time the LV on the side would become imprinted on your face (like a tan line???):confused1:
  12. Oh... I see the troubles with these sunnies already: You hair getting stuck somehow with the fleurs... :sweatdrop:

    They look like MJ's old glasses.
  13. I woulden't mind.. ^_^
  14. haha you can be branded;)