New styles on Neiman`s

  1. There are some styles on the Neiman Marcus website that I haven`t spotted in the catalogue yet (or maybe I simply didn`t find them).

    First, there is an Ostrich Veneta that has the same woven part in the middle as the Sellier bag does but it`s definitely a Veneta shape. (I guess it`s a special edition for their 100th b-day celebration)

    Then, they have a Veneta in stamped woven leather. The close-up look makes it appear very very interesting!

    And the last one is a New Ball, but in a color I haven`t seen yet. Is it Luce? It´s such a mustardy yellow...
  2. Thanks Claus for sharing the finds. :smile:

    I like the ostrich Veneta with the "spine" like detail although am not too crazy about the yellow. Maybe in another colour like taupe, camel.

    The stamped intrecciato look is interesting though I do find it a little busy with the weaves and stamped all over the place. The Ebano does help to tone it down.

    Not a fan of the Ball nor yellow. Enough said.
  3. Thanks for sharing! I love the ostrich..hopefully they'll release more colors. I wonder if this is for resort or spring since the colors are light.
  4. I love your keen eye and sharing with us!
  5. Interesting. I didn't noticed the stamped feature on the veneta, since I didn't READ the description.

    Yes, the yellow is Luce.

    Ostrich skin will also come in Corallo (pink/salmon) and Hyde (light green).
  6. being bitten by the H bug lately and seen so many wonderful ostrich pieces, i am starting to contemplate whether i should buy an ostrich bag. there are a few that i am lusting after in the BV catalog. what do you guys think? yay or nay?
  7. Definite yay! :drool: Which ones are you looking at? You must share pics if you purchase anything :yes:
  8. You're right about the first one being the "exclusive" that many NM designers produced for the 100th anniversary.

    I don't think the yellow color does the new Ball bag justice.
  9. thanks for the info!
  10. yay, yay, yay. I find ostrich soooo beautiful and elegant, while not flashy or over the top.
  11. Ostrich is fantastic! It wears like iron. It's one of those "love it or hate it" kind of skins.
  12. I have the toggle bag in luce (actually I think it's called luce neutro), and I'm so-so about the color. It was a gift from my husband though, so I would feel bad returning it, and on a small bag it's okay. IHowever, especially wouldn't like it in a large bag.

    Is that a price increase that I'm seeing on the ebano veneta???
  13. ^That`s what I was thinking, that Luce could be nice on s/thing small but definitely don`t like the New Ball (btw, 24, I think you`re right with the "love it or hate it" on ostrich, and I don`t like the skin at all)

    I think the Ebano Veneta is more expensive than the regular one because of the stamping...
  14. LOL, C_24! I felt the same way at first. Hermes makes ostrich in a pale green color called Vert Anis. I used to think it looked like a dead cactus. It took me years to finally appreciate ostrich as a leather. It is very durable and lightweight.
  15. I didn't know ostrich was that durable. I always thought of it as being easily stained, but my only contact with ostrich was a pristine white YSL Muse, so I may be biased towards ostrich being delicate! I know the handles darken with oils from your skin, but how does it hold up to water, scratches? Um, not that I'm looking for an ostrich bag...:graucho:. Just, you know, research for the future.