New Stud

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  1. How much does a new stud cost for a Roxy. Would you get it repaired before selling or just price it accordingly :smile:

    Opinions appreciated
  2. Think its £15. I would get it repaired first, personally.
  3. The title of the thread piqued my interest :graucho: but I'm afraid I have no useful info to give you-sorry
  4. I was thinking "OMG Im SURE I already replied to this!!" ... thought I was losing the plot!! :lol:

    I did - you posted this question twice! Phew!
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. Me too!!!

    I think it depends on whether the Roxy is very desirable, in otherwise perfect condition and backed up by a convincing receipt. I would certainly pay you much less for a bag that I would have to go to the trouble to repair unless it was a very starry one.
  7. Thought i had posted it already but its not showing up for me sorry for posting twice

    All points taken but not sure if I can be bothered to get it repaired may just list it and take a large hit on it but it is in vgc apart from the stud
    better say no more as don't want to get into trouble Thanks for your thoughts :smile: