New storm hoodie?

  1. The men's storm hoodie doesn't look like this, so what is this? Is this a new one that has not been released yet? an old one? something he made only for himself? :shrugs:

    I like the little blue Tokidoki logos.

  2. Huh. I like it a lot. Looks similar to the storm but without the clouds/rainbows and stuff.
    I just wish the clothing, especially the men's sizes, were more accessible.
  3. hi... this is my first post to the TPF...

    that hoodie is sold in italy, as well a a girl's version (white/pink... with the cherry blossoms i think, i dont remember well) but yeah its available for everyone. :yes:
  4. heh, it is kinda cool...dang i need a hoodie, especially if i get a new job and gotta catch bus lolz...dont wanna drive when i get my car anyway..waste gas & gotta pay for parking lmfao.
  5. wow. I want a white/pink toki jacket with cherry blossoms!@!!
  6. Oh wait, just found another weird shirt, what is THIS?
    It's cute but I've never seen one:


    And the cactus cat!

    (I linked the pictures).
  7. OH MY GOD, I have GOT to have that cactus cat!!!
  8. Oh, I saw that guy's listings earlier. He had one that was listed as "new with tags" "distressed wash" and it was thin as all get out and had a hole in it. At least he admitted to the whole in it. Not sure if they are authentic tho.

  9. Oh do you have some online store that has pictures of it?! The one with cherry blossom sounds cool! :graucho: .
  10. The Adios sweater is so cheesy it's precious. And of course, the hoodie isn't in my size. It's cool that they take international orders, but yikes at the price!! :wtf:
  11. Hmm. . . I don't know if tokidoki ever put out t shirts like the one being sold on eBay. Is it possible it is a fake?
  12. Thanks! I didn't notice it doesn't have a zipper.
    I gotta have my zipper, too hot inside those things.

    But the prices, yeah, that's so expensive.

    That store that sells that cactus cat tees, also has 2 solid colors tokidoki tees?! wtf?
  13. whiskers, i asked jamie from japanla about that shirt...we'll see if she gets it, cuz if not..then it's probably a fake since she usually gets the stuff first anyways.
  14. I *need* a cactus kitty t-shirt! (but I really hope it comes in colors other than yellow)