New Speedy Mirage!!!! Pics of new collection items


    Hi there,

    Check out this site for the besr/recent pics of the newest collection items. This person is on and always has pics of the latest LV parties/collections. Check out all three pages and all the other pics she has.

  2. Oooh the mirage is soo pretty!!
  3. I don't know why but I am not feeling the speedy with the black handles :s

  4. gosh, what great pictures! thanks for sharing!
  5. Thanks for the pics, I saw a lot of the stuff I WLed for. Can't wait, I love all the new stuff!
  6. I don't even like Speedys that much but I would get this one. Has a price come out yet?
  7. Beautiful pictures.
  8. um. its just a speedy with black handles...

    lol. sorry but im really not feeling it. maybe it will grow on me, but i thought that it would be a little more... unique..
  9. Thanks for the link :smile:
  10. I think it was $1,600ish?
  11. ^^^ :shocked:
  12. thanks michelle :smile:
  13. i think aluminum_siren quoted it at 1800 for th speedy?
  14. I guess I'm old fashioned, I'll always love the original monogram speedy.
    But the black handles are good if you want one bag to wear with brown and black . . .
  15. the black-handled speedy wont ever grow on me i think..

    but when i got to the picture with the floating keepall i went :wtf::wtf::wtf:..