New Small purchase.

  1. I was at my Louis Vuitton Boutique and saw this one on display and had to hve it :yes:.

    So here is new Pochette Plate PM

  2. Oo i really like it.
  3. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
  4. yay congrats!
  5. very cute!
  6. Cute :biggrin:
  7. really cute, congrats.
  8. cute! love the plate.
  9. Gosh, its so cute! Love it!
  10. that's adorable! did they have any other colors? congrats!
  11. They had it in pink and navy strip.
  12. Congratulations ^_^
  13. I love the color and it looks very functional. I can see that matching so well in any LV bag!:yes:
  14. Congrats! I love that color.
  15. ^yup.. you're definitely getting you're money's worth with this baby. Congrats!