New sizing for Tivoli GM

  1. I just bought a brand new Tivoli GM at my local boutique and the dimensions are:13 1/2 inches wide and 11 inches tall

    On the LV website, it says the dimensions of the Tivoli GM are:
    Size (LxHxD): 18.1" x 11" x 7.9"

    I think they shrunk the Tivoli GM down a bit, but forgot to update the website.
  2. Interesting...
  3. Are you sure it's not the PM? that's a pretty drastic change.
  4. they tend to measure at its widest point. the 18 is prob zipper to zipper end
  5. interesting...
  6. Absolutely positive it's the GM. It has the adjustable straps. The tag says GM too. And it wasn't just a fake that slipped through at the boutique. I handled 3 Tivoli GMs there, and all of them were this 13 inch wide size.

    I tried several times to post modeling photos, but I couldn't seem to get the photo small enough.

    I measured the full width of the bag. I like the slightly smaller size because I like to carry my Tivoli with the straps short, like a satchel. It's small enough that it looks ok like that. The 18 incher was kind of big to carry at the elbow, I think.
  7. Well, if that's true, I'm happy cause I love the Tivoli range but find the PM a little small and the GM a little big, so if there is a "MM" size now, great!

    Did they "shrink" the price too? LOL
  8. The sizing they usually give at their website isn't always accurate but it is such a big difference'd usually just let it slip if there's a deficit of a few cm, but this one seems pretty far off.
  9. can u show us the picture ?
  10. Hmm I have a Tivoli GM and it's about 13" long at the base but if you measure the length of the top, it's about 18" (the top sort of angles down so it doesn't appear 18" long). Could that be the case for yours?

  11. LV measures the width of the bag by the path that the zipper travels?

    How old is your Tivoli GM?

    I had tried on the bag 6 months or so ago, and it seemed like it was bigger than the one I bought a couple of weeks ago. This observation, plus the discrepancy between my bag and what the website says the measurements are made me think that maybe they had altered the size of the Tivoli GM.
  12. hmmmm. My Tivoli GM is 4 LVs wide, and the picture of the bag on the LV website is also 4 LVs wide. Maybe they DO measure by the path of the zipper???

  13. I had to drop off a bag for repairs so I printed this thread and showed my vuitton SA who is also a good friend. He has been with Vuitton for 10 years and he said no they have not changed the size of the the Tivoli's. When you said local boutique, was it vuitton boutique? You may want to take it back ASAP to the vuitton store because they did not change the sizes. He talked with the manager too... who has been there for 18 years and he also called their corporate office, they said no as well. This is very odd. Good luck :smile:
  14. I think LV measures width at the very widest point on the bag -- on the Tivoli GM, that would be at the zipper.
  15. We even measured the length of my GM at vuitton yesterday and a few brand new GM's they had in stock.... because it got us all curious. All GM's were 18.1"

    Do you have a picture you could post?