New Silver Mirror KEEPALL!!!! Pics

  1. HI all,

    You all know what kind of luggage addict I am. Well I was browsing the new for some new luggage pieces and guess what I found! Its beautiful but not very practical. I wish Marc Jacobs would have done something cool to the original monogarm canvas. I just dont see this as a usable luggage piece. What do you all think?:supacool:
    silver keepall.jpg silver keepall 2.jpg
  2. its beautifal, but i dont think id use it, perhaps in the gold color. :smile:
  3. Perfect luggage to go to the moon..
    Seriously it's pretty..
  4. Great piece if you like to attract attention to yourself.
  5. Yup..can't carry it when you are a fugitive LOL
  6. Wow shiny:lol:
  7. I kinda like it. I bet it looks better in person. I aggree that perhaps gold would be better? Or maybe even bronze?
  8. Imagine someone checking it at the airport, they would never, ever see it again. lol
  9. ^ LOL I bet airport security would have to wear sunglasses to even look at these up close :supacool:
  10. what would someone even wear with that!
  11. Those better not be finger prints! I am a finger print NAZI!!!!
  12. i would ratherr get the papillon or the speedy... the material seems scratchable....
  13. Definitely not something I would spend my money on.
    Too bright too flashy and too out there. IMO
  14. I luvvv this. It's freakin' hotttttt!! But again,.....its toooooo pricey at > $3,000. Damn u lv................ lol
  15. I'm not too crazy about it..too shiny :P