New Sig Stripe Tote or Satchel??

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  1. One of these two are going to be my next purchase. I see the Tote is now available in Vermillion and I just called Coach and the satchel is too! I'm torn between them and also between brown or vermillion stripe! Which of the two do you gals like best??

  2. Tote!
  3. I bought the satchel on Monday and I'm not thrilled with it. I'll be returning it for the tote.
  4. I like the tote in brown :yes:
  5. Oh my I love the vermilion! I prefer the satchel, but I have not seen it in person, so my preference may change once I do.
  6. I vote for the tote.. it holds a lot of stuff :smile:
  7. I'm digging the tote!
  8. Wow what are you not thrilled about? Do you have any pics?
  9. I vote for the tote in vermillion-it's a gorg. color.
  10. I've seen both and I have to say I prefer the tote (I bought the large brown one). The vermillion is gorgeous, and the color combo is good year round, I believe.

    The satchel was just okay. I wish it would have had the legacy lining, and I find a satchel hard to use at times when I need my hands free.

    I hope that helps!
  11. I like the tote!
  12. I love the vermillion color! I vote for the satchel. I thought the tote was kinda blah
  13. Just based on looks, I vote for the satchel :tup:
  14. Sorry I don't have any pics. When I got home I put all my stuff in it, looked in the mirror and just didn't think it looked good. Maybe it's the shape.
  15. Tote in vermillion --- such a great color!