New Sig Stripe Medium Shoulder Bag

  1. OMG I'm in complete love!

    There's no other purpose to this thread...I just had to say it.
  2. I really do like that bag. I think the price is really good also. Can't wait to see it in person!
  3. Awww man! I thought you got it and were going to show modeling pics. Not cool. :sad:
  4. haha Voodoo, your funny! That bag is pretty... I wonder what it looks like IRL??
  5. lol there was a thread about this today! :yes:
  6. Haha, are you gonna order it, Voodoo?
  7. I looks different in the picture.. I saw it at the Coach store and for some reason it looks cheap, but thats my opinion:s
  8. o yeah thats right field... i remember seeing those pics... she's holding the blue and the black i believe? i like the brown though... gorgeous!
  9. 'doo I love this bag too except I want the larger size in pink (which they don't have currently). I was at the Southlake boutique tonight blowing off a little steam from the week by window shopping and my favorite SA there told me those would be out next week. I can't wait to see them in person.
  10. I really like that signature stripe! :drool::drool: The ones with the stripe through the middle and across the bottom just didn't do it for me, but this one........... Okay add to list....*check* Does is come in any other color patterns?
  11. I wish I could see it in person....I went to COACH today but it wasn't there....any idea when it will be?
  12. My SA told me early this coming week. Probably Mon.
  13. Oh great, Thanks so much Tanukiki. The wait wont be too long!!! Yay!
  14. There's no way I can make it to Coach this weekend (weep) but I plan to go see it IRL sometime next week. I think this bag is so sharp....can't wait to see it!