New Sig Stripe Denim Shoulder Tote...

  1. I havent seen this particular on in stores yet but If I were to choose the new denim style bag this would probably be the one. Im just not real fond of the new bags yet.
  2. I saw it in Dillard's the other night. It's actually prettier than I thought it would be. This seller is geniune and I've purchased from her before.
  3. OMG! I don't own a Shoulder Tote and it looks like this is the one I need! :wtf:

    When will this style be in stores?
  4. I saw it in Macy's tonight....was highly disappointed that it didn't have the legacy lining, but it is REALLY cute.
  5. I like this tote but am not a fan of the legacy lining. It fits nicely on the shoulder.
  6. I saw the same listing on eBay. Thanks for posting the question because I was wondering the same thing.
  7. I am watching this one as well.. so cute
  8. pretty cute. i love denim bags, yum.
  9. Old post but I want it!! Did you end up getting it??
  10. Wow! This is an old one! No, I never did but only because it didn't have the legacy lining. I love the shoulder totes and the strap detail is really pretty but I was bummed that they didn't do legacy like they did with the other colors.

    My SA told me that she didn't think that Coach is going to continue doing shoulder totes because the carly style is filling that category now, so if people like this style, they might want to pick it up!
  11. I think I read this was exclusive to Macy's. The Macy's at The Mall At Rockingham Park in Salem NH has them at 30% off.
  12. they sold this one at Nordstroms. it doesn't have the legacy lining.
  13. Yeah they don't have this IN Coach or on the site- only at department stores- Macys, Lord & Taylors etc.