New Selma

Jul 7, 2013
Eagle pass, TX
I bought a black medium Selma satchel at Macys today. So excited. I went to the MK store first and the SA had no idea what a medium Selma satchel was and told me it didn't exist. I told her it did and she asked the manager, he then told her it does exist but that they do not carry it. I then went and checked out nordstrom. Nordstrom had the large black Selma so I bought it, I convinced myself I was never going to find the medium one. I hen went to Macys and they had both the medium and large on display. I got so excited! I bought the medium and then went back and returned the large to nordstroms. I don't know why I bought the large, I used to have the neon pink large Selma satchel, I loved the color but in only used it for a week and then sold it because of the size I'm only five feet tall. Sorry for the long story, I just felt the need to ramble and share my experience. Haha.


Aug 3, 2014
Haha.. congrats! such excitement day you had.. but yes I think only Macys has medium black. The rest carry different color.. ;)