New scarf - Pucci or Missoni?

  1. I want to get a new light scarf for spring in a fun pattern & colour. Should I get a Pucci print or Missoni? Or something else? I'm open to suggestions :smile:
  2. I like both..........I always see a lot of Pucci scarves at Century 21 at good if you have one by you - check it out. Missoni can be a little bit harder to come by...........I like both, I guess it depends on the colors.
  3. I'm in Canada, so no Century 21. (I wish though!) I tried on a few of both at the store the other day. I'm thinking something with pink & white shades.
  4. I prefer Missoni. But I do both brands.
  5. I would say Pucci-love their scarfs. Hermes has some really fun scarves too.
  6. I'd say go with Missoni. They usually incoporate more neutrals into their patterns so they can be worn with more things whereas Pucci usually only uses bright colors.
  7. I just bought a gorgeous Missoni scarf at Saks today and i'm in love so i'd go for that! :yes:
  8. without a doubt, Pucci! those vibrant colors are gorgeous
  9. I love both Pucci and Missoni...but Pucci is just so fun for Spring and Summer!!! I say go for the Pucci!
  10. ^^ITA. Pucci seems more spring, Missoni more fall.
  11. lola-which store did you go to? And i'm canadian too and I wish we have century 21 too!

    I agree w/ the above posts, missoni is more fall while pucci is more spring/summer. I would say pucci since I LOVE their silk scarves very versatile and you can wear it as a head band hair tie and also on your bag if you want to liven up any outfit!
  12. Pucci! Big patterns are very in this spring and I think Pucci has some great styles :smile:!
  13. i say pucci!!! i love my pucci scarf - it adds the right amount of color, esp if you have to wear very conservative clothing.

    i got mine from century 21, but i have seen them at Nordstroms during their semi-annual sale.
  14. Pucci
  15. pucci