new <red> Gucci tote: I want this!

  1. Pardon me if this has been posted before. Its been a while since a Gucci bag caught my eye.... But isn't this red spring/summer 08 tote cute??? I had been thinking about getting a red Tod's "D bag" tote to use for work, but then I stumbled across this one on I like this darker shade of red; its real sophisticated and not too sweet and cloying.


    (click to enlarge to see color better)

    PIC FROM Saks
    Gucci1.JPG Gucci2.JPG Gucci from Saks.jpg
  2. i believe the white one was on sale in NM last night 40% off a reduced was down to ~1k or something similiar..
  3. ^Would this color be on sale already too? It's new for spring/summer, isn't it?
  4. i love the tote....and you're right, this shade of red is beautiful!!!
  5. .........needs matching shoes... now that would be a power outfit!!
  6. The color reminds me of the burnt/rusty red that Gucci used on their 85th anniversary bags a few years ago:

    (pic borrowed from Gucci Reference Library)
  7. (^^^another 85th anniversary bag borrowed from Reference Library)
  8. I LOVE that red color!
  9. this bag is just gorgeous. :girlsigh:
  10. Lol, I'm on a mission to Gucci boutique tomorrow to check it out. Will report back!!!! :p
  11. It is just beautiful. Post pics when you buy it:tup:
  12. Yeah I am a big fan of that deep red colour. Just like my new birkin... :love: