New Record: Tallest Dog in the World

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    World's tallest dog fills giant shoes

    Giant George, a blue Great Dane who hails from Tucson, Arizona, has been crowned the new king of gargantuan canines.

    George lounges on his queen-size bed.

    On his hind legs, he stands head and shoulders above the average dog (not to mention most basketball players) and weights 100 pounds more than the average Great Dane. Measuring 7 feet 3 inches long from nose to tail (and 3 feet 7 inches tall from paw to shoulder), George tips the scales at a hefty 245 pounds.
    The Guinness Book Of World Records has declared that George is the world's tallest living dog EVER, beating his closest rival Titan, a white Great Dane from San Diego, by three-quarters of an inch!
    The title of World's Tallest Dog had been hotly debated since last November when Titan was first (but erroneously) awarded the honor. "After some controversy and conflicting media reports we decided to send our own official adjudicator to put the final stamp on this record holder," said Craig Glenday, Editor-In-Chief of Guinness World Records. "We can indeed say now that George is the top dog."

    George is a big fan of golf carts.

    Back home in Arizona, Giant George lives much like royalty. He sleeps in his own queen-size bed and wolfs down as much as $300 worth of kibble and treats every month (the equivalent of about 110 pounds of food). When he's not frolicking in a park or kicking it with his canine pals, it's not unusual to find George riding shotgun in a golf cart.
    His owner David Nasser recently told Oprah that he first realized George was special during a visit to a state fair. "There were three lions there in a pen that you could get really close to, and I remember thinking to myself, 'My dog is bigger than these lions,'" he said.
    Watch the gentle giant in action here.
  2. That dog is HUGE!! But he was beautiful!!

    I have 2 labradors and have fallen in love with Great Danes as well and had told DH it would be our next dog...I may rethink that as I think my 100 pound lab is pretty darn big!! But I have lots of time as my labs are only 3 years old!

    I loved seeing him ride in his golf cart! LOL!
  3. Gorgeous dog!
  4. He is a beautiful dog!
  5. That dog is HUGE but I agree his coat is so shiny and his face is adorable! The owner does a great job taking care of him!
  6. LOL my sister had a Great Dane. She always complained about the food cost with him. He was about 115lb and a harlequin. He would eat about 16 - 20 lb of food a day. I can't even imagine this Dane's food bill :sweatdrop:

    He is a great Great Dane, even his owner is tall too.
  7. What a beautiful boy, he makes me miss my danes :crybaby:

    The one who just passed away was 160 lbs and her food bill was rediculous, so I can only imagine what this dog`s bill is like.
  8. This dog was on Oprah last week...he was soooooo pretty! It was hilarious to watch him. He had a queen size mattress for a doggy bed...and would sit his rear on the sofa and his front legs on the floor...its was SOOOOOO funny!
  9. Blue danes are honestly the best colour.

    The part I bolded is a Great Dane trait... they all do it and it wreaks havoc when you have company and the dog doesn't understand why they don't have a seat too :biggrin:
  10. I love Danes! What a beautiful dog.
  11. beautiful....
  12. OMG - he is a cutie pie ! He's lucky to have an owner that can fully care for him. :yes:
  13. omg gorgeous massive doggy. i'd feel soo safe with him around. he's such a nice colour i want him. he'd probs get along with my chi... but i hear great danes live like 5 years? i can't handle death..
  14. ^^ in my experience (5 danes), 7-8 is the average. We had two die at 6 and the one that just died was almost 11.

    Their crazy behaviour makes up for their short lifespan :biggrin: they pack a lot of laughs into a short life