new purple and punk bags in stock

  1. in the trafford centre manchester, Selfridges have the purple giant stud range in stock. (with the large silver studs). they have a few different styles in stock, and they are able to mail order out. also they have a limited punk bag in stock, which matches the studded purse. currently the store have both in stock. they are the most beautiful bags this season. the best balenciaga have ever done. give them a call and see.
  2. Was almost sold the punk purse/wallet over the phone yesterday. Horrendous price put me off. How desirable is it in the flesh?
  3. Can you elaborate? Do you mean it matches that wallet/clutch that is completely covered with studs? What does it look like?
  4. Hey Liz, what does the punk purse look like??? It sounds interesting, whats the UK price??
  5. I just called...they only have the violet in a part time or a brief...

    I was really hoping for a work/city or day.

    They still have them if anyones interested!
  6. Pinkchristie it is £330.

    Liz are you the Liz who works in Selfridges Manchester Trafford and talked to me on the phone yesterday by any chance?
  7. Yes shes the bal manager and an absolute angel!!!!
  8. Something of a temptress I think! Very good over the phone description.

    I had managed to stop myself on that purse but feel one of those out of control moments creeping back over me again.

    Lucky it is late evening now!
  9. This is great news, thanks Liz! Does anyone know the retail for the part-time? TIA!
  10. i saw ASOS sells part time for £735 but i don't know if the same prices and HN or Selfridges do sell though cos i am just into this BBag myself ;)
  11. Whoops - I have located and ordered what I believe to be the black 'punk' wallet referred to here in Harvey Nichols, Edinburgh.

    Did any of you buy the one that was in Manchester (which had gone when I rang) and can you tell me what you thought of it?