NEW Purchases!!! Legacy Slim Tote and...

  1. Here are my 2 new purchases. Got them at the outlet and I love them!!! They were $263 for the Legacy slim tote and $215 for the men's Soho leather drafting tote.
    IMG_3747.JPG IMG_3748.JPG
  2. Jen: GORGEOUS purchases!!!! I want to go to YOUR outlet!!!! My outlet out here NEVER has anything that catches my eye!!!! GREAT purchases...ENJOY!!!!!
  3. great bags! I LOVE the Legacy slim tote. oh, why, oh, why can't I live near an outlet!:hysteric:
  4. Nice loot!! I LOVE the slim tote. It looks great with the scarf!! Congrats!!
  5. I really love that white tote! So summer!
  6. Wow, they're both beautiful! Congratulations! And excellent prices too!!
  7. Wow! They look great! I especially love the slim tote with the scarf. :drool:
  8. Love the slim tote.
  9. I was not sold on the slim tote until I tried it on at the outlet and the size and shape is perfect for the stuff I hold. I am now a fanatic!!! I can get to my stuff easily without having to dump stuff out and I can hold just a little or I can add a water bottle, magazine, hairspray, and mail. Wow! This bag is so handy I highly recommend it!! Can be worn on shoulder or crook of arm and not heavy in my opinion, at least compared to others I've worn. Also, the men's soho tote pictured above looks so much better in person. The leather is so thick and soft and smells so good. It stands up and holds its shape and is *very* lightweight. Really nice for work or travel.
  10. Great purchases!! Love the white tote with the scarf!!
  11. Great buys and great prices on your new items. I like the comic keyfob, it really stands out on that white bag!
  12. OMG! Those are wonderful wonderful deals you got!

    I, too, am a fan of Legacy slim tote, although mine is the natural color. I don't trust myself with a white bag.

    You seem to be drawn to white bags, judging from your collection. May I ask how you keep them clean?
  13. GREAT OUTLET HAUL!! Sheesh, I've never had any luck at our outlet...*cries*.

  14. LOVE the slim tote...the comic charm on it looks amazing!!!
  15. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful... and great accesories. What an awesome deal!