New Prada Shoes!!!yeah!

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  1. [​IMG]I have the bag that matches these and love this design!!and style.....What do you think????
    These are on Styledrops.......YES..I ORDERED THEM!.....LOL!
  2. Very cute.
  3. Very cute! What does the bag look like?
  4. The bag comes ina lot of different versions-I have the tote version of it...its great..I use it alot.
  5. i love them. thanks for posting.
  6. Love them too!!! Is it canvas???
  7. its so cute....i love em
  8. They are darling. I love the spring Prada line!
  9. wow, beautiful style!!
    i have the frame bag in the same style and use it a lot too!!
    i liked so much the matching boots, but they're too expensive for me right now!!
    congrats for your sure, i'm sure they'll look amazing together!;)
  10. very nice, i really like these!
  11. yes,They are canvas with leather trim!Cant wait for them to get here....
  12. Cute shoes!
  13. cute flats
  14. Love:love: these flats ... they're very cute!
  15. Very pretty!!
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