New Prada Cervo Satchel cera just arrived!!!!

  1. I just received my new deerskin satchel from spring 2007 collection! I absolutely love this bag!!!
    Foto 49.jpg Foto 48.jpg
  2. ^ Gorgeous! Congrats. =)
  3. Me likey! :yes:
  4. :yahoo: Beautiful bag!! Congrats!! :heart: Emmy
  5. O MY GOSH!!!! I absolutely LOVE this bag!! Congrats!
  6. nice!
  7. Oh aww, I love it! That is such a beauty! Congrats!
  8. Lovely.
    Where did you buy it from? The prada is spelt backwards (did you take pictures through the mirror?)
  9. ^ i'm assuming it's in a mirror.....otherwise,"FAKE!!!!" LMAOOO

  10. Listen that whole collection is fabulous. I'm waiting for my bucket bag to arrive and can't wait.

    Congrats on this buy, verrrrry niiiiiiiicccccccccce.
  11. i ordered it directly fom the prada store here in germany, hamburg. i took these pics with my webcam, therefore it is spelt backwards.
  12. ooo i love the color!
  13. Gorgeous! Congrats!!
  14. Ive never seen a white one before. LOVE IT. :girlsigh:
  15. Congratulations. It's gorgeous. I really love it.