New piece & a piece new to me!

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  1. Just wanted to share some new T&Co items I picked up in the last month!

    First, I got the Tiffany & Co 1837 Circle bracelet from an online reseller. I stack my T&Co bracelets almost everday and I wanted a new "texture" so to speak in my stack. I saw this and thought the circle would be fun!

    I took it to T&Co and they gave it a look over to make sure all was well and cleaned it for me as well!


    Then, I used to wear Alex & Ani bracelets the last couple years. But some of my metal ones turned really black. I know the recycled ones do have some tarnish but they were really turning.

    I saw on the T&Co site that they sold this Wire Bracelet. I went back & forth if I should just buy this, which will last 4ever, and not invest any more money in Alex & Ani. I decided I could buy any kind of charm... Even Pandora or something and wear it on this Wire Bracelet... So I could really change it up!

    Sold!! No charms for it yet but Ive still been enjoying wearing it. I think it really varies up my bracelet stacks!

  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459043005.891583.jpg

    Here's a typical stack w/ both!!

  3. Congratulations on your new pieces! I Love The Look of your stacked bracelets!
  4. Love these both as part of your stack. They look great!
  5. Cool! I like how you stacked them together
  6. Congrats! They look so good stacked together!
  7. Gorgeous choices! I LOVE your stack, too! The 1837 line is one of my favs...currently lusting after the horseshoe pendant, myself...and I was looking at buying the wire bracelet when it first came out, too. A total classic that really epitomizes simplistic beauty.

    Anyway, I also have been looking to buy a delicate chain bracelet, and I really like the Paloma Picasso dove bracelet...

    Sigh- the lust-list never ends when it comes to TCO :lol:

  8. SO true! It never ends... Lol. I think the PP Dove bracelet would be sooooo pretty. I hope u do a reveal if u get any of those u listed!!

    I was thinkin about putting a charm on the wire bracelet but for now Im kinda enjoying it plain... Thanks for looking!!

  9. Thank you all!!! [emoji177][emoji177][emoji177]
  10. oooh yes, a charm would be fab! I also like bangles worn plain, though, as you mentioned. the silver lining of a charm is you can always take it off!

    I agree about the PP Dove being gorg, but I can't find it on the website anymore! I think it may have been discontinued?? Which would be a shame...
  11. beautiful bracelet stack!
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