New pics of current family

  1. This is my current bbag family. They are all 05. Caramel, olive mini twiggy and navy coin purse. I love 05 leather!

  2. Beautiful colors!!! The leather looks great!
  3. :love: GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love: I really am in love with the caramel!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I really love the Purse!
  5. :heart:looooove the navy coin purse, gorgeous shade of blue... yummy:drool:
  6. Agree with soleil - LOVE that coin purse - looks so cute and what a pretty blue!

    Thanks for sharing pics of your bbag family!
  7. Nice collection.
  8. Gorgeous collection.
  9. that navy is beautiful, you have such a nice collection lori!!
  10. Beautiful family! Love the leather!:heart:
  11. Pretty- I love how your colours are all so different.
  12. Very nice!! different colors.. i like it alot, you have such a great taste :smile:
  13. WOW LoriB . . . GORGEOUS bags :nuts: - I especially love the caramel purse :drool:
    Thank you for sharing :flowers:
  14. Congrats Lori !!!
    I love your familly....especially your Caramel Purse !!!!!!!!!!
  15. love the caramel purse. thanks for posting.