New Paypal scam?


Oct 1, 2006
I received a Paypal email saying that there have been three attempts to log into my account from a foreign IP. I am to click a link and verify information or else there's a threat to suspend my Paypal account for 72 hours.

This email looked INCREDIBLY realistic and had the new Paypal logo and everything. I, of course, fowarded it to and they have confirmed it was a phishing email. I have seen a lot of fake Paypal emails and none looked this realistic.

Jun 14, 2006
I got a new one today about ebay, they were telling me that if I didnt pay for this old auction they were going to report me and give me neg. feedback. DUH! That is a really dumb way to phish, I know what I bid on and paid for LOL! They will try anything to get your info.


Apr 19, 2007
I get those all the time. A good way to check if it's fake or not is to place your mouse on the link (don't click on it!), and if the address on the bottom left cornor starts with then it might be real. But if it says anything else it's a fake e-mail. EVERYTHING from paypal will start with Plus they will ALWAYS write your name, and never "dear paypal user" etc.


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May 17, 2007
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I gotten two of these emails and I forwarded to Paypal too. The first was just like yours and the second one said my account was suspended and to please go and update information on their website. I read about this before and so I did not fall for it. I'm glad you put out a warning. I was going to do it but I didn't get around to it...Thank you...