New paddy just arrived from NM, but.....

  1. Should I be worried: the new paddy has no hang tags on it or in it, nor a NM price tag. The little care book is inside in a pocket. Of course it feels real, but is very smooth, not pebbly. I prefer pebbly. The number in it says 01-06-51-5366. I am only familiar with the edith numbers so am unsure about this. You get this sick feeling that someone either used it, or sent NM back a fake. I am leary of their website because my edith from their website had a straw wrapper in it-duh...take a look at a return for quality control before you re-sell it.
    Thanks in advance for your input!!
  2. was it the whiskey you went for Triplets05?
    It is certainly not uncommon for the chloe tag not to be on there, as they go missing easily, however, even on a return, you would expect to see a price tag. Did the dustbag come with it, and was the condition good?
    Can you post a picture for us please :smile:
  3. Yes....I was debating a whiskey off e-bay. Another PFer got it I have read. I was going to bid on the whiskey e-bay bag today because I knew the NM would arrive. I could assure I liked the color, send this one back to NM, etc. But it was not meant to be. I missed the e-bay one. So now the NM one is here, and I do like the color, I like everything about it, just hate that there are no tags!! My state does not have any stores that sell Chloe. Maybe my best bet is to find a nice SA at a Saks or NM and have them find me one and ship it??

    To answer your question, yes it was in the dustbag, and then put into a plastic bag that was scotch taped closed. None of the brass looks worn and the lock looks fresh. But I can't even be assured I got whiskey color. This could be orange for all I know because I have never seen whiskey IRL and don't have a hang tag with the details.

    I tried to post a pic of a new prada in that forum but it rejected me saying the file was too big?? I would be happy to send pics of this, but is there a secret to making the picture "fit"?? I have never had a problem uploading pictures on any other site. Sorry I sound clueless.

  4. I always use photobucket to size my pictures. from there you just hit browse, find your picture, download it and then I cut and paste the address and paste it in the text here. Its easy that way :smile:

    Your bag sounds like its fine, if you stil have probs, email me the piccie and I can post it for you.
  5. Hey Triplets!

    I bought a whiskey from BG last month that was in a similar shipped state without hang tag or store tags, just with the dustbag. It was def real (and glorious!! that whiskey ROCKS) but it had some pretty visible rubbing to the bottom eges. It was most certainly a 'used' return so I sent it back.

    I ended up with a tan from Nordies, which I just couldn't work into my warbrobe so I swapped it for a choco at my local Nordies. Literally two weeks later I found someone else's barrett at the bottom of one the outside pockets!!! I had already used it, bonded with it, so I just kept it ;)

    Send pics soon!
  6. Triplets, a couple of thoughts.

    1) is terrible with the quality control of returns. You have to remember that it goes back to their stock room, not some display area where quality control people are monitoring returns. People have beaten up bags and returned them with no problem. Food, wrapper and items with missing things go back and are resold all the time. That is one of the dangers of buying from One of the "signs" of a return is a bag that isn't a staple "offering" on their site. Bags that "pop" up once in a blue moon and that are the only one available are usually returns.

    2) I would be mad if I purchased a bag at the full price and it was missing tags, dustbag or any of the standard items.

    3) I am very picky about the appearance of my bags. If a bag isn't smooshy or pebbled enough it goes back. No questions asked. $1600 is a lot to pay to "settle" on a bag. I would rather have the perfect paddington than no paddington at all....the only time I would accept flaws is if it is was used or very very hard to find.

    By the way, to format your photos make sure they are jpeg and under 300bytes, I think....
  7. Thanks everyone. I snapped some pics and will try to get my husband to post them for me...I'm sure he'll be thrilled!! In the pics it looks really pumpkinish, but this is just my camera...which is new, and I am not great using it yet.

    Can you tell me any Saks, NM or Nords where there are lots of paddies? I think the best bet is to just call and order one and ask for extra pebbly!! I will still not give up on e-bay.
  8. The last time I asked my SA at Nordies (Tammy in Walnut Creek, CA) she said there were only 5 whiskey bags left in all of Nordies. That was two or three weeks. She didn't say where either ;(