New Outlet Opening in Dallas

  1. Sooo.. I heard from a very trusted source.. that Coach is going to be opening an outlet soon in the Dallas area, either around Grapevine Mills or the Allen outlets.

    Has anyone else heard about this? And if so, I had heard sometime this year.. do you know when???? I NEEEED a closer outlet!
  2. Coach is listed as coming Summer 2008 on Allen's webpage :yes:
  3. Beware that after an outlet arrives it takes it a little while to start receiving the "good" stuff! I thought the outlet that was built nearest here would be a total loss after visiting it twice shortly after it opened, but after a few months they started getting in transfers and returns and deletes. When they first opened they had strictly made for outlet bags (which there is nothing wrong with; it just wasn't what I was looking for).
  4. We should have a tPF party at their grand opening!!! I'm so excited for this outlet to open! I just hope it's one of the better ones that gets the good deletes/transfers!

    This deserves the happy dance :happydance:
  5. I was so excited about the outlet when I heard about it a few weeks ago, I jumped up and down! My husband, however...not so much excited. LOL
  6. My husband isn't as excited either but I can hardly wait!! :yahoo:
  7. I can hardly wait either...especially because I got a big ol' fat RAISE today!!!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I hope this outlet gets good stuff too...My collection has some growing to do!
  8. I'm excited too! I usually travel to the the N. Dallas area twice a year to visit family. At the Allen outlets, my mother and I always make time to check out the Cole Haan, Kenneth Cole, and Michael Kors stores. Now we'll have to add Coach to our shopping excursions :p
  9. :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
    Woo Hoo! I'm excited to find out it'll be in Allen vs. Grapevine Mills....that's the one we always go to!!!

    Definitely closer to me in OK than the Branson outlet!!!!!:yahoo:
  10. AHHHH! :yahoo:

    The Allen outlet is like 15 minutes from me!!!! This is going to be sooo bad for my wallet, but so good for my collection!

    I've been kind of scared to make the trip down to San Marcos just for Coach shopping for fear that they wouldn't have anything.. and I just would have wasted all that gas money. I stop when I'm down that way anyway.. but since the legacy bags got released to outlet.. I've been wanting to go soo bad. This summer.. I could go every day!!!
    (But I shouldn't..)
  11. This has just made my day. Now they need to hurry up and build the one coming to Grand Prairie.
  12. This is going to be so bad for my wallet! At least I can control myself by not going to the Boutique to shop very often. But the outlet!? 15 minutes from my house!!?? Not safe at all :p
  13. That's great a raise and a new outlet!!!!! I am thinking about going there and helping them speed up the building process!!! hehe!!!!!!:party:
  14. My dad is about 20 minutes from those outlets and we are out that way a lot. Yay! I hope they get really nice bags in.
  15. I am TOTALLY excited for the Coach outlet coming to Allen. It's like 20 minutes away!!!!!

    I told the DBF that I will be spending A LOT of time there.. Hahaha.