New Nordstrom opening...

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  1. Theres a Nordstroms opening up tomorrow where I live and I was wondering if anyone has gone to the pre-opening beauty bash before and is it worth going to. The actual store doesnt open until 10 am but at 8:30 they are opening up the cosmetic section. It seems like it could be fun, so I'm just wondering has anyone gone before.Thanks!
  2. ^where do YOU live??
  3. New England
  4. OH this is at the Burlington Mall!!! Im so curious about the Beauty Bash too!! By the way, the Lord and Taylor is having a benefit event next month where, for a 5 dollar ticket (which proceeds go to charity), you can save 15-20% off beauty and fragrance products! great timing because the new Chanel tinted moisturizers are relaunching next month too - cant wait!
  5. Oh, thanks for the heads up! Yeah I think I might stop by sometime tomorrow though just to check it out.