New NM exclusive Manolo's, they are HOT!

  1. nmmanolo.jpg NMX053Z_mn.jpg
  2. I think they are TDF!!! I wouldn't get them because I wouldn't get to wear them but if I did have anywhere to wear them, I would love to have a pair.
  3. Very pretty, but very over-priced! Not worth it...
  4. not worh it.
  5. They are TDF! BUT i second that they are VERY over-priced!!!!
  6. great shoe but not that great. the metal thread (?) crystal combo doesnt look good and is it just me or are the crystals really bad ly put on?
  7. i dont like them, it's too much
  8. I absolutely love them. I think they're interesting and stunning. I love the metal chain part. I don't know that I'd pay that much for them, though
  9. I love them. Wow.
  10. Love them, but that seems over priced to me. I just got CL Python heels for $795. They are hot, but perhaps a little over priced.
  11. fyi: if anyone's looking for any NM exclusives ... my SA is at a new store and they have full stock right now - tons of shoes/fine apparel/ bags that are sold out everywhere else are at the new store now. i pre-sold men's gucci shoes, gucci brit tote,and a TDF cavalli dress... it hasn't even opened yet so you'd get first dibbs... PM me if u need her #
  12. Funny, I saw a Nina pair at Macy's sale today for 9.90. Looks incredibly similar. Same studded loop, but the rest of the shoe was black.
  13. Holy!
  14. They look gorgeous in the picture,but they are very expensive and would have no place to wear them.
  15. yea they are wayyy overpriced and super dressy to wear more than a few times but i still think they are so pretty though!