New neverfull??

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  1. I want to get the neverfull de in gm size (I be been using my azur gm as mommy bag and love it) but debating if I should wait for the new pink lining in it. Does anyone have pictures of it or if it's even going to come in gm size?
  2. Are they making a Neverfull in DE with pink lining??? [emoji7] Searched the forum but didn't find anything on it!
  3. Yeah. My SA already told me. But not sure for the GM size.
  4. I knew this when I went for my DE GM a few weeks ago. Personally, I don't like the look of the DE bags that are out now with RB. Pictures were ok but in person was a different story. The combo kind of looks strange imo. Now azur with RB is something else...that's beautiful and the two really compliment each other. Sorry I'm not much help but just sharing that's why I didn't wait. The Caissa hobo currently comes with RB if you want to see. I think the DE Neverfull is coming in August.
  5. Maybe its a different shade of pink. Hows your DE Neverfull GM holding so far? Im planning to buy one too but Made in France is hard to find here in Canada. All are Made in USA. I want all of my bags made in France.
  6. It's holding up very well and is stunning. I love it. The only thing I will say about the Neverfull (gm at least, idk about the other sizes) is if you're OCD like me be careful of what you put in the side pocket. It will pull down the top of the bag and cause creases on the top strip of leather where the weight is bending it. Of course, from photos it looks like this creasing is probably bound to happen anyway, but I didn't know weight in the pocket would cause it so quickly.

    Mine is made in USA. I asked for one MIF with no luck, the SA said the more popular styles are hard to find nowadays made in France. Really, I don't mind. The bag was so beautiful and perfect when I got it that I could tell it had been just as well made. MIF would have been nice, but I wasn't about to reject the bag because of it.
  7. Do you still have the cloth tag? Are you cinching it yet? I heard from someone that to avoid creasing, dont cinch yet the sides of the DE until the leather has soften a little bit, she said like give it at least a month first. I already have a monogram bag. I want to buy this in DE but kinda afraid with the peeling/cracking issues. Do you know if this has been resolved already?
  8. I've had my DE Neverfull GM and have used it pretty much daily and have had no issues with peeling or cracking. It's truly my workhorse as I use it as an everyday bag!
  9. I had the same reaction to mono with rose ballerine. In photos it was so pretty but in real life I found the color too cool toned plus I didn't like the brown stripes. The rose ballerine with the azur is so much prettier. Less cool toned and pink stripes v brown.
  10. It does have the cloth tag unfortunately. I haven't cinched it and I honestly don't plan to - I like the oversized look more than the cinched. I'm not sure if the issue has been resolved with the peeling and cracking, but the glazing on my bag is great so far and I'm not seeing any kind of "pressure points" that might cause trouble down the road. Knock on wood...but it looks fine so far. I wouldn't let that turn you off from the bag
  11. So some of the NF made in US have a cloth tag while others have leather? My DA with RB is MIU and has leather tag.
  12. If anyone does get pictures please please post!
    I am on the waiting list but yes I have reservations of the
    colour combo depending what pink they assign to it.
    I currently own both Neverfull's Mono and Azur with pink interior
    and they are completely different pinks. The Azur pink is very light washed out compared to the mono. 😋

  13. Also waiting for picks! If your on a waiting list did they tell you it's only coming in the mm?
  14. They only gave me the option for the mm.
    I know with. Azur I was asked which size
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