New Multicolore Rita

  1. I LOVE THE NEW MC BAGS! except for the rita lol! sorry, it jsut reminds me of a pirate ship... I cant get used to it!!!!! but if u go on the french version of and go to the womens section they show the new picture with a girl modeling it, its nice, it may be on the USA site also, I never check the USA site, I only use the French one :smile:
  2. I Just Called Lv And Here In Italy It Costs 1420 Euro
  3. Thanks matt!!! i Only Use The French Site Too!
    Actually It's More Beautiful In The Picturewith The Girl Modeling It, Than In The Other Picture, As You Said
  4. i love this bag
  5. I really like this bag. Yday we went to LV and they didnt have any they had only received the Ursula and Marilyn both of which are gorgeous bags!
    The attraction of the Rita for me is that it can be carried on the shoulder or by hand!
  6. I love this bag... it's not attract me at first, but it's growing on me...then

    I tried to find it on eLux, but no hope. :s

    Ps. Want to buy it before the price hike, though.
  7. ughh... the only one of the new MC bags I like is the Ursula... Rita`s not attracting me with its "rectangular based triangular prism"......:sweatdrop:
  8. i think the rita is adorable!!
  9. I don't really like the shape of Rita. Of the three new MC bags, I like Ursula the most. However, the bottom of Ursula is a little too wide. ;)
  10. I'm not in love with any of the new MC bags.
  11. hahaha I LOVE the RITA so no harm intended but I been calling it a banana boat... LOL
    I just noticed it recently. Not sure how I missed it. I like bananas. I like boats too. Hey doesn't stop me from wanting it. lol
    oohhhh I hadn't seen the girl modeling it. Can't wait to check that out.
  12. Love this bag!! I bought this a couple of weeks ago and it is really a fabulous bag --- lots of room, plus I can put it on my shoulders. Beautiful bag!
  13. Just the girl I needed advice from!
    I love a crossbody strap like the stephen offers.
    How dumb would the Rita look if I used a vachetta strap long enough to go cross body with the Rita sometimes instead of the one that comes with it for shoulder?

    Think it would be weirdo or is the bag so fab you could basically pull anything off? hehe :nuts:

    Edit to Add: I haven't tried it on but I'm assuming the two handles are just that, only hand and not shoulder, right? And the detachable strap looks short enough for only shoulder in pics? Or am I wrong? I assumed it wouldn't go cross body.
  14. ^
    I don't know.. :shrugs:

    I guess that we can wear the shoulderstap across tha body, unless we're really full full figure.