New Mulberry wallet

  1. My gorgeous hubby bought me a mini smithfield wallet/purse in red :yahoo:. Totally gorgeous. I am loving it. Its just the right size for me as i don't like big wallets. I find them to bulky, but this is perfect, smells divine too. I'm afraid i'm a complete numpty when it comes to posting pics and suchlike otherwise i would be showing it off right now.
    Thanks for letting me share. :tup:
  2. Hey!! Lovin the numpty!! Have'nt heard that in ages!!!!!!!!!!! I posted on here somewhere all the instructions for doing and uploading pics,takes a while to suss in the beginning but after a couple of goes you'll be doing it like a pro!!! Hang on I'll see if I can find the thread and direct you to it or bump it up for you!!xxxx:tup:
  3. Ok,I found the thread its called Christmas Chocolate by Mymlan,its in there about seven posts in,hope it helps??? Or are you unsure of how to get pics onto your PC???
  4. Hi littleblackbag!
    Just have to say that the instructions are really useful. Even to me - a totally helpless person when it comes to computerstuff!

    Chaz - you´ll always be the brainy superwoman, with outstanding glamour as an extra superpower, to me:tup:!!!
  5. Thanks for the advice, but now i need a digital camera. My husband has one, I'll see what i can do. Not today though, my parents 50th wedding anniversary, so big celebration :flowers:
  6. Hahahaha!!! Thanks for that sweetie,but you see me scagging around the house at 11am still in my pj's with Sophie!!!! Even the postman says 'oh,did you have a rough night' when I sign for parcels!!!!:roflmfao: