New MULBERRY collection

  1. Hello girls , just returned from a trip to my local Mulberry store ( 2 mins up the street!!!) ,as I thought I would have a quick look to see if there was anything that I could buy to replace my Emmy . Well I had a good look and try on of all the bags . However is it me or are the newer Bayswaters etc a lot lighter in weight than the older ones . I came home and looked at mine and it is so much heavier . Is natural leather the same as darwin? Nothing grabbed my attention except the lovely Somerset shopper in chocolate , the oak is nice too , but they are so big you could fit a small child in them!!! Oh well I think I may have to wait to pay Shepton a visit at Easter.
  2. How walk into a Mulberry store TWO MINS UP THE STREET!!!! touch, try on, smell....the beautiful leather. It is actually a gift to walk out and want for nothing. It means you have a great selection of handbags and are happy with it.

    But I know what you're saying...nothing moves you to excitement. There was no "must have" bag there. I know the feeling. For me, Roxy, Bays, Elgin, Annie and a few others...are what Mulberry is really all about. The new Poppy is nice, but it is too average and not WOW in any way. You saved yourself a lot of money today...and that's a good thing.
  3. ^^^^^^^^^funny you should say that,thats all the bags that pulled me to Mulberry.
  4. I've been looking at different designers. Marc Jacobs, HH, BE, etc. Nothing is calling my name from the new Mulberry collection. Last year they were screaming BUY ME BUY!!!
  5. Unfotunately TG I have too much choice , LV and Harvey Nicks are 2 mins away too LOL
    I did look around HN too , Chloe , Prada , Miu Miu weren't too inspiring either. I think they are all trying too hard to have this seasons IT bag.
  6. Again, I think it is a good thing to sit a season out. Good for your soul, good for your fabulous handbags, good for your wallet. Sometimes, consumerism needs a break. Enjoy it ladies!
  7. TropicalGal - I'm with you on that one! I am so guilty of consumerism so it's such a relief to have bought the pink Hanover and not be hankering after anything else.
    I would like a pink purse (wallet) but am not feeling any rush. Wow, this is a giddy feeling for me - satisfaction??!
  8. I'm pretty satisfied too. No bag is shouting my name from the Mulberry collection. Am thinking i might like a Belen Echandia love me but am going to wait until i can see some of her bags in the flesh first! Still looking forward to browsing Bicester outlet in May though - i could be tempted by an araline at a good price maybe!
  9. Flossie, I agree with you about the new natural leather. I saw some bags in this new leather (which according to mulberry is supposed to be the same as darwin, just renamed), and was not impressed at all :tdown:
  10. ^^^ Is this the same as tumbled grain?? my sister has a somerset tote bag in tumbled grain and I must say it looks awful!!

    She bought it in november and uses it as an everyday bag , so it does get lots of use but even so its in a dreadful state!!

    Its covered in scratches and the bottom corners of the bag have gone a bit grey and discoloured:tdown:

    I feel kinda bad as I was the one who talked her into buying it!!
  11. Oh no, that's awful Tara, your poor sis! I was also seriously interested in this bag, might have to re-think....
  12. The Somerset range is in the tumbled grain , but the Bayswaters etc which used to be made in darwin are now in natural leather which is just not the same thickness although Mulberry say it is . I did look at the shoppers in Somerset they seem flimsier , nice tho.ugh Dont know if I will buy now though if they dont wear too well.
  13. I have to say that both poppy bag in ostrich / maxi mabel and the Agyness are all calling my name.. This will be a difficult spring... =)
  14. I love the Agyness too....but not the price!!
  15. I love the Black Agyness:tup: - But I am in a bit of a dilema at the moment - I have the Black Patent Mabel bag which I bought from House of Fraser London at Christmas time but I am not using it (don't want to spoil it!!) - So should I sell the Mabel and buy the Black Agyness (which I would more likely use everyday)?

    What do you guys think? :s:confused1:

    I would be grateful for your opinions. Thanks all x:smile: