New Mini Lin Colors!

  1. Any one know if they are making more bags in the blue and pink color, besides the diaper bags?
  2. I don't like this style:rolleyes: . Thanks for sharing though!
  3. Pink and blue are limited to the baby bags only.
  4. aww. dang. a light blue speedy would be KILLER!
  5. i believe the pink and blue are exclusive to the diaper bag. btw, the photos i saw on the look book had 2 baby bottes on both sides of the bag.
  6. Yes they do have bottle holders on the side.
    diaperbagpink.jpg diaperbagblue.jpg diaperbagebene.jpg
  7. This is beyond cute! :crybaby:
  8. [​IMG]

    Saw the bag @ Takashimaya LV Singapore 2 days ago

  9. Yep this is what I was told last week. It's all coming back to me now....
  10. Aww.. the pink would be soooo adorable for a speedy.. fingers crossed that they'll expand the material to other bags ! :yes:
  11. cute bags
  12. I love the pink! It still reminds me of my trapeze
  13. really? dang. the pink color is really, cute, but i have no use for a diaper bag.
  14. Aww, I think those are so adorable! So jealous of those lucky moms who can own these!