New Mini Karlito

  1. From my sweet SA
  2. $1,250
  3. Ponytail in the back
  4. There is a bigger size too and it's $1,850 :smile:
  5. This new Karlito is so cute! :loveeyes: I love the mini comb! :biggrin: Thanks for sharing, my dear Bother Free! :hugs:
  6. NP crisbac, my dear panda loving friend!!! 🐼 :hugs:🐼
    The mini comb is too cute and it really works :hbeat::yes:
  7. Lol! The comb is actually messing up his little faux-hawk! So cute!
  8. I just picked mine up today! I've been waiting forever for this one to be released.. my personal favorite:hbeat:
  9. It's lovely, PetiteMalles! :loveeyes: Big congrats! :smile:

  10. Amazing picture PetiteMalles!! I need to get my hands on this version of Karlito :heart:
  11. Adorable!
  12. so cute! i want one of these, but it would unsettle me to buy real fur :sad:
  13. It's so cute! I wish all the Karlitos came with mini combs though.