New Michael Kors Store!

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  1. I am so excited. Somebody posted on here about a new MK store openning in canada, and when I looked it up I realized that it's MY STORE! We are also getting a new giant flagship coach right next to it.... I'm more excited about the Kors store though.
    It looks gorgeous!
  2. Wow! Nice. I have yet to go into a Kors -- too nervous :smile:, but I will be heading to HR on Friday, so I will see what they have :smile:! Is this new store in Ontario?
  3. No it's in Calgary, Alberta!
  4. [​IMG]

    :nuts: wow!! Look at that wall of bags!!!:drool::sweatdrop::drool::sweatdrop:
  5. We have two here in them and they have great clothes as well!
  6. Looks just like the Ottawa store - YIKES muranogrl - you better start selling a lot of paintings!! :P And the thing that you can get sucked into with Kors is the CLOTHING!!!! At least with Coach it was just about bags.

    You also said something I find interesting - about the Coach store opening up right next to it. I find that Kors and Coach always seem to open up close to each other, I wonder if it's a coincidence or if it's the "McDonald's - Burger King" competition thing.
  7. wow!! that picture is gorgeous! wish i could see it IRL :graucho:
  8. Where in Calgary???????? I will be making a trip to Alberts next month!

    When I was in Edmonton in June, there was a MK store opening soon in the West Ed mall. I was so mad that it wasn't open yet lol
  9. I was in the edmonton store last week. It's beautiful but this new one looks alot bigger.
  10. Coach and MK are 4 or 5 stores apart in West Edmonton Mall too. It does seem strange.
  11. It's at chinook mall. It's pretty central calgary. It's Calgary's largest mall, and it just openned a new wing last week. The MK store is in the new wing.
  12. ^^

    I love CHINOOK MALL!! I was going to mention that in the West Ed teh Coach store was pretty close to the new Kors.

    With the Coach outlet opening in Cross Iron Mills, seems like everyone in AB has a Coach lol. It is even spreading to SK where I'm from :smile: Usually you don't see much for designers out here in prairie land.
  13. Yeah, it's sort of why I'm falling out of love with coach. Nobody had coach before and now we've had an outlet for only 6 months and everybody and their dog has one. At least there's alot less fakes out there now.
    I bought a $600 bag in July and it's at the outlet now for half what I paid. I think that's rediculous.
  14. How exciting for you guys!!! Road trip is definitely needed to check out all the malls out West .. LOL!