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  1. hi guys, just thought i should say hi... i've just found this forum last monday, and i've been reading this forum ever since.. you guys are so entertaining! :nuts:

    i love LV, my collection is still very very small (only 2 at the moment) but i am picking up a small agenda in mandarine this saturday, and thanks to you guys, i asked if it was true i can get the refills for free considering the year is almost up, and she said yes! so we'll see this saturday if i'll actually get them.. and another thing, i've also been "pestering" the only LV shop in my city for a box for my pappilon that i bought in july.. been having difficulties in actually getting one, but the customer service for the whole country said that he'll try to get one in for me so.. *sigh* so yeah.. i'm so envious with the nummber of LVs you guys have, but hey, thats something i can work on isnt it? :yahoo:
  2. Hi,

    Welcome to PF..Happy to have you here..
    Mandarin is great choice of color..I heard about the possibility free agenda refill because the year is almost over. It's no harm to sweet talk your SA :graucho:

    Can't wait to see the pics..
  3. Welcome to the forum, and remember to fill us in with pictures ! :graucho:
  4. Welcome to the pf, you're gonna love it here:yahoo:
  5. Bienvenu au "Purse Forum"!
  6. welcome here to tPF! you will enjoy this forum!
  7. Welcome! :flowers: Remember to post pics of your loot when you get back! ;)
  8. Welcome to the PF!
  9. Hi![​IMG]
    Welcome & have fun!
  10. Welcome! :flowers:

    And congratulations on purchasing your new Epi agenda!
  11. Welcome!
  12. welcome!!! u'll love it here but remember to guard ur bank account!!! ;) ever since i joined (like 2 months ago or a bit more), i have added a damier speedy 25, a mini noe in monogram, damier ipanema, and an white MC wapity! :nuts:

    ur collection will grow really fast soon!:jammin:
  13. oh by the way, which 2 do u have so far?
  14. Welcome to the Purse Forum! Before long your obsession with LV will take over!!!! We're very bad enablers :smile:
  15. Hi and welcome:flowers: I should have introduced myself too:lol: