New Macy's Coupons

  1. Did anyone get the latest Macy's Savings Pass in the mail ? I got two one for 20% off on a purchase and the other for $ 20.00 off a purchase of $ 60.00 or more . I was hoping to use either on a Transporto or Vancanze Print . My question is on the back of the card it states not good for Louis Vuitton , Dooney & Bourke , Kate Spade , Coach but no mention of Lesportsac . So were you guys able to use these Savings Pass for Tokidoki items ? These savings passes don't expire until October 31, 2007 .
  2. i got one of those last week.. i thought it came a little late since last weekend was tax free weekend here in texas. And I was actually wondering the same thing. Unfortunately I haven't seen one Macy's here in Dallas that sells tokidoki :sad:

    I wonder if they could be used online too...:confused1:
  3. Hey dizchik ;
    On the letter that came with the Savings Passes there is an offer for $ 20 off an on-line purchase of $ 100 dollars . Thanks for your reply . I have to call the Bay Area Macy's to find out when the last two prints will be available .
  4. I work at macy's serramonte and yeah you can use them! But not together.
  5. Yes, I have used a 15% off coupon successfully on Tokidoki.
  6. i used the $25 off $100 or more last time to buy my spiaggia bambinone :smile:
  7. Thanks Miyoshi637 and gingiemay ;
    Hey Miyoshi637 do you know if the Macy's at Serramonte will be getting the last two prints of Tokidoki ? I've called the Macy's at Stanford Shopping Center and they said they were'nt sure if they will be getting the last two prints . My next call is to Valley Fair , then Oakridge and finally Eastridge to find out if they know any information. If you can be so kind can you give us a heads up if you get them . Thanks Veronica
  8. Hey guys I'm glad to know you can use them 20% off is a deal ! Let's just wait and see when these bags will finally be in the stores. Bay Area Tokidoki Lovers let's give eachother the heads up !
  9. Yup, you can most definitely use them. I got most of my Toki bags through macy's with coupons! I am saving mine for Transporto .... wooooheee!!!
  10. is there a prerequisite to getting these savings passes or what? i havnt received any savings passes yet :[
  11. Hey momo.chan ;
    I don't think so I'm a basic card holder . Another Bay Area Tokidoki lover eh ?
  12. Bummer...I didn't get any either :cursing:
  13. hey momma! yea born and raised in the Bay ;]
  14. My card is basic, and I only got the $25 off $100 savings and a 15% off certificate when I signed up for the card. I also got some back to school coupons for Juniors' and homewares stuff.
  15. Me either :sad: