New LV - what do you recommend??

I am a huge LV fan. I have over 100 pieces! I have not purchased a new LV since the denim baggy came out. Now I see the denim in khaki on the forum and the suede Onatach in the store. I can't decide which is the better choice. Any suggestions???
I would totally go for the suede onatah. It's so different than anything LV has made before. Great colors too!! Have you seen the magazine ads with Giselle modeling the bag? Gorgeous!
I think the brown is the most practical color, but the orange is fun. I priced the one with the flowers, but at $3500, I can only afford the plain style. LV says it is a limited collection, but they said that about the multicolore. I am going to see if eluxury still has them for sale.
I suggest the onatah, I think it's so inovative for LV since it's both very unstructured as well as suede. Fleurs is nice, but the one without is also very cute, and a little more subtle !