New LV Stamped Bags for Fall

  1. I was wondering what everyone thought of the new stamped LV bags for fall. I ordered one from NM and am awaiting its arrival. I got the brown and black. Any thoughts on how to keep the suede part clean? Thanks in advance.:love:
  2. I think the stamped bags are beautiful but am too afraid of not being able to take care of the suede. I read in another thread you'll need to brush the suede and get a special cleaner or something like that...
  3. I was worried about the suese also but they are so pretty. I really love the fact that the bag has black patent leather on the bottom and brown alligator handles. I hope I can maintain it. I live in Albuquerque,NM and most everyone here has monogramed bags some fakes and some authentic so I wanted to have something different. I am so excited to get it. :yahoo:
  4. I thought the handles were leather handles made to look like alligator handles?
  5. I have seen and held them..I MUST have one..LOL...PHh is buying it for me as an anniversary gift next week..Like the red-brown version WAY BETTER than the grey-which was VERY UNEXPECTED.
  6. They are. Sorry left out the faux part.:girlsigh:
  7. :yahoo: Now am I even more excited to get mine. I like auburn suede color also so much better looking than the black with the grey.
  8. I've seen them and really don't like them.
    This is one line that does nothing for me :sad:

    But congrats on putting your order in for one-I hope you like it!
  9. The grey one is at the top of my wishlist, I'm completely obsessed with it
  10. I have tried both the gray & brown (has more orange tones) and was going to purchase it as I LOVE the style BUT then I thought about the suede and the issues that people have had with the onatah range and have moved onto another obsession. If you can work with the suede then go for it as it is a stunning bag...sort of like a mini-mizi;)
  11. I saw them @ the store this week and they are GORGEOUS IRL!!! I saw the grey and the burgundy one! I don't think I'll be getting one because I don't do well with fabrics like suede. Too many rainy days in the fall in Canada too so I won't be able to use the bag as much.:sad:
  12. I agree! They look like Prada's logo bags from last season.......
  13. ^^^ I agree.. When u see the bag u dont feel it has anything new.. looks like prada logo bags for sure
  14. I think it resembles an expensive line from Loewe too
  15. It's really beautiful but suede can be a pain ;(