New LV sneakers - Opinions please


Which one do u like better?

  1. Zephyr Sneaker

  2. Energie Monogram Canvas Sneaker

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I would like to ask all for your opinions in the following matter - Next week I'm going to Paris for a few days and so I think it's a great oportunity to add a new pair of sneakers to my collection :rolleyes: Now which one do u think are the best?

    Zephyr Sneaker (in monogram denim)


    Energie Monogram Canvas Sneaker
  2. Hey peter
    both are very beautiful but I think the zephyrs are better and go with much more clothes etc...
    It's your decision...try them and see...
    Good luck and have fun in Paris!!!
  3. I prefer the Zephyr sneakers because the LV logo is more subtle. I also think they would coordinate better with more clothes. Both are nice, though.
  4. I LUST for the Zephyr!
  5. Zephyr Sneaker's are better looking the Energie Monogram Canvas Sneaker are just hideous.
  6. I like the Energie... I can picture it going very well with jeans. ;)
  7. Zephyr !! they got an edge to it.
  8. Oh, you could not pay me to wear the Energie Sneaker quite honestly. Go Zephyr.
  9. Energie Monogram Canvas Sneaker
  10. calling them hideous is really uncalled for obviously op likes them to be considering them you could have just said you didn't like them, no need to insult
    & yes I know they asked for an opinion but you could have shown a little restraint
  11. I prefer the zephyr sneakers, both are cute though !
  12. Zephyr!
  13. I'd say Zephyr!