New Legacy pieces on

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  1. 40826_B4CA_d2.jpg 40714_B4SL_d2.jpg 40708_B4WY_d2.jpg
  2. Ooh la la...I love that blue one in the middle!
  3. I sooooo love the blue one too! I have to put that one on my wishlist.
  4. I agree the whiskey does look browner? I think I may have to buy the camel one!!!!
  5. The Hamptons vintage wristlet is cute too. I didn't know it was online yet.
  6. I have the embossed suede in slate on my wishlist. Maybe with the next PCE....
  7. I like the blue one, too! I love the chains...super cute!
  8. The whiskey does look..browner. "D

    And dang. That blueee. I love how its almost worn.
    =] Thats goind on my wishlist fersure.
  9. They're gorgeous!! I love the blue one!!