New LE spy info.

  1. Hi everyone have just heard their is going to be a new LE spy and wondered if anyone had any information on it or pictures

    Its white leather with sequins going down the front and spy compartment, think like the old Cognac one with sequins, the sequins are in blue and yellow I believe.

    Does anyone know anything or seen any pictures of this bag in a Fendi catalogue or shop.
  2. Can't help Saich - but it sounds fab!

    Hope someone on here can help you out.

    I feel you're going to have another purchase soon!
  3. I have seen a black patent spy bag with colored flowers embroidered all over it. Very unique one and I’ll be receiving it within two weeks along with the new gray and gold squirrel bag. all from the new 2007 collection
  4. Oooh, I didn't see this in the catalogue when I was at Fendi. I'll need to ask, because if so, I WANT!!! It sounds absolutely lovely!
  5. OMG!! you must post pics Ray of Light, Would love to see your new spys! :nuts:

    PS: you sound like a serious collector, so how many spys do you have :confused1: , I'm seriously jealous ;)
  6. Thats a beautiful bag their is a picture of it on the last couple pages of the celebs thread. Is the whole bag patent or just the handles and spy bit?
  7. ooo the new spy sounds great!! i LOVE sequins
  8. im still not sure if the whole bag is patent or not coz i didn't receive it yet. i saw it in their cataloge and paid for it in advance coz they are getting 2 peices only for this Fendi boutique.

    and yes that was the bag, but i thought it had some pinkish details... hmm anyways, i'll post some pictures once i receive it.. Saich,, did you see it in your hometown stores? how does it look in real?
  9. I have received email from the UK Selfridges and Fendi in New York and Miami they sent me pictures of this bag. I look at them again today and the body of the bag is I think material perhaps satin. They Have this bag now in New York and Miami it looks a stunning bag. I think the flowers on it are different colours. Hope this helps
  10. hello every one, i got a call yesterday from Fendi's boutique in my area. because my bags arrived, yesssss, :smile:,, that was fast,, I didn’t expect them to arrive this fast.

    Yes Saich, you are right! that bag was made of satin which i don't really like since they get depleted quit faster than nappa leather or some other leather. i have retained it and got my money back. the new denim bag is awesome though!

    i shall post a family picture of my spys soon :smile:

  11. One more thing, my SA sent me the fendi 2007 CD which includes the 2007 handbags collection.

    I shall post all the pictures soon :yes:
  12. Cannot wait to see them