New Kooba Spring Colors

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  1. ^^Thanks for the info!

    I'm really digging the Charlie in ivory. My only issue with the bag is that it's a magnetic closure.

    Also, the rose color looks beautiful.
  2. Is the Meredith new? I don't recall anyone talking about this bag!

  3. I think the Julia Medium Shoulder Tote in stone is really nice
  4. I think the Meredith IS new, I just got an email from NM today about it.
  5. I believe Lexie ordered a Meredith? If she did, we will see photos when it arrives.

    I am expecting my Kooba Bonnie in red this week. *s
  6. I LOVE that color "slate"- its soooo elegant !! much nicer than plain gray !!
  7. No, I didn't order a Meredith. I was worried that big front flap would bother me. It is new and the big sister of the Nina (which I did order) it it will arrive with my Charlie anyday now.
  8. Nice of you to share
  9. great to see what will be available coming up! Does Kooba ever do some bright fun colors?? I got a paige in raisin and love the color, very unique!
  10. Why have NM got some bags which are not on Stella, Mimi, never heard of them!!:confused1:
  11. I would love to see Kooba do something with a Midnight Blue or Burgandy color. The Red Elisha was a shocker to see and they did a bang up job with it.
  12. The Parker and Natasha in ink look like a midnight blue. I saw the slate in person today and it didn't look nearly as blueish as it does in pictures.